Effectief gebruik van Bacto Power Shinsuke

We have received many inquiries about the Bacto Power which goes like what is the more effective way to use with Bacto Power.
We appreciate for those inquiries because more and more customers become aware of the strength and efficacy of bacteria by their own eyes.

There is optimum environment in which bacteria acts as it should be.
These optimum environment vary with dizzy pace especially closed situation such as the pond.
Take we human being for example, our activity get slow in Winter, on the other hand, it gets more and more active in Spring, Autumn.

Environment :
Life-span and propagation of bacteria are heavily dependant on the environment where Bacteria is in. In the environment where the chemicals such as formalin already being put, bacteria gets active only to being put on hold sprit seconds, so that it shows no ostensible efficiency bacteria is capable of. On the contrary, sea water of high-conductivity and hard water do not affect with life-span and propagation of bacteria.

Activity :

Activity virtually means propagation.
The bacteria becomes highly active in the water of normal conductivity (100-1000uS in fresh water), as far as pH is concerned, from the water of mild-acidity to of mild-alkaline. (It gets active in pH4)

It is no good for bacteria under the condition where the pH level is higher than 12.
Depending upon the environment mentioned, small portion of bacteria can be effective, which means active if the environment fits.
Opposite case is also true.

Therefore, in order to maximize the effectiveness, it would be better to put the bacteria with small amount on the daily basis like daily feeding.
It is far more effective to use with 1g per day, 3g per week, 5g fortnight by 1 ton of water than using monthly basis.

Summary :

To breed good quality koi, it is important to minimize the usage of medication.
In case using medication out of neccessity, medicated bathing in quarantined pond is highly recommended.

If the disease outbreak would occur in particular pond, it is also recommended that pull out all the Koi in those pond for treatment.
While you are at it, if possible, drain the water from the pond to make it dry whereas cleansing and drying filtering tank. It is also important to change filtering materials by the amount of a tenth to resume fillter system.

Using medication would result in its accumulation with the mud in the pond which badly affect with bacteria for a long time. We can not deny that in that case, water condition is less likely to be stable. We think that the natural pond is the best environment to breed the Koi as the koi being kept in such pond turns out to be in good shape, beautiful complexion of skin.

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